25 August 2006

My Word What Is Wrong With This Woman?

Today's Orlando Sentinel has this disturbing article about Katherine Harris' latest outrage, namely the fact that she has called for a theocracy in America.

It is, as I said, disturbing, but the article in the Sentinel records the responses of several state religious and political leaders, some of whom made rather priceless comments. Harris made her own priceless comments, my favorite being that the Founders didn't intend this to be a nation of secular laws. She noted that we have to elect Christians to government or else we'll "legislate sin."

What makes me chuckle is the notion that Harris probably doesn't even recognize that her statement was anti-Semitic--or indeed that the view she seems to hold, that only Christians are fit for government, is itself anti-Semitic. Not to mention anti-Muslim and everything else, but my understanding is that it's okay to be anti-Muslim in the U.S. since everyone else is. [/sarcasm]

Rabbi Rick Sherwin says that, "Anybody who claims to have a monopoly on God doesn't understand the strength of America." I'd like to refer you to a post on the other blog where I mentioned the notion that somebody has a monopoly on truth or owns God.

I also like that Rabbi Sherwin and others point out in the article that when Harris says the Founders didn't inted the U.S. to be a nation of "secular laws," she is leaving open only the option of a theocracy. A theocracy implies a state religion. A state religion is what the Pilgrims fled to America to avoid. Does Harris have so little understanding of American history? She claims that the separation of church and state is "a lie," but it's hard to see where she gets that from. The first amendment prohibits the institution of a state religion by banning any attempt by the government to infringe upon our right to observe our own religious beliefs. It does not ban religious people in government, but it does ban religious government. Harris doesn't seem to understand that, either. I doubt she's alone.

The best comment of all, though, came from the normally staid Larry Sabato of UVA, who said of Harris' comment: "It's insane. But it's not out of character for Katherine Harris."

That sums up Harris and her bewildering campaign as well as anyone ever has.


Smittygirl said...

Ridiculous, but somehow this didn't surprise me...
Oh, by the way, have I mentioned my favorite political sign in the neighborhood?

"Give Fidel Castro a voice in Congress-Vote Al Fox"

Best Al Fox sign I've seen yet, don't you agree?

Smitty said...

I actually voted for Al Fox. Nothing against Kathy Castor, but the county commission is too dysfunctional for any of them to get promoted. The other four were all pretty much the same except Fox, who is both funny looking and the only politician I've known of brave enough to confront a powerful, if blind, lobby. Also, he's funny looking. There need to be more funny-looking Congressmen.

Ayzair said...

Maybe she'll lose the election and join the crazies that want to come to my state en masse and take over the government! That would be fun! Loads!