31 July 2006

Little Updates

Not much to report lately. It was dreadfully hot yesterday, and not so hot today. It hasn't rained again. I have not started writing another novel.

But I did get mail for the first time yesterday, and made some iced tea. It's very hot and usually sunny, so I figured I'd grab one of our little bottles of water, stuff a teabag inside, and set it in the sun for a couple hours. Worked very well, and I imagine I'm going to need more tea, actually.

As for the package, it was just the box of books I mailed myself and now will get to read. I should like to point out that Sir Apropos of Nothing and The Woad to Wuin was in fact in that box. I guess I had decided to mail it at the last minute. Hooray!

And that's all the news that's new. I'm still pretty stoked about finishing Lauderdale; reckon I will be for some time yet.

1 comment:

GRANN said...

A box of Assorted TAZO is on its way! Enjoy your tea and 'think cool'! Have you had ice cream every night?