15 March 2010

Mysterious Visitor

We have six chickens. This is not one of them. Where did she come from? Why is she roosting on my porch chairs? Are chickens rising spontaneously out of the Earth?

In any event, when a mystery chicken appears on the porch, Winky and Bobby Cat are both very interested. (Too bad they don't realize they don't realize they could just eat Vortex; that rooster would feed them for a week.)

Schrodinger wasn't just interested, he wanted to try a taste. The cats and chickens grew up together, and when the chickens are out in the yard they don't seem bothered by the cats, and the cats don't seem to care much about them. But this, this is a mystery chicken! Schrodinger later managed to get a good swipe in at this chicken, from behind, and then poor Winky jumped up on the chair and got a beak in the face for his trouble.
Smittywife got hold of mystery chicken, and we put her in the coop. When I had gone out to close the door to the coop (our chickens always come home when the sun goes down) the main rooster, Buffy, was in there squawking away, and being answered by another chicken coming from the front of the house. I closed the door and headed up to the front yard to see where the bucking was coming from, and here was this chicken sitting on the porch. Since she'd been talking to our rooster I figure they'll all do okay. And what's wrong with one more egg a day?

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