21 March 2010

Bok Choy! Garden beans!

That's it! I'm tired of waiting. The low Tuesday morning is predicted for 37, coldest day on the extended forecast. So once it warms up above 40 that morning, I'm setting the bok choy out in the garden beds. I don't know which bed, but I'm setting it out I say. And since it will be ready in about a month, I plan to enjoy delicious bok choy starting in May. It will be among the first things we get out of the garden (lettuce, and perhaps peas, will beat it to the table).

We are now looking into some shallot and garlic sets, because we can't find shallots anywhere in the entire upstate any more. If they do well, next year I'll plant a quarter acre of the things and sell them!

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Rambling Speech said...

I was just commenting to a friend that setting up a roadside veggie stand would be a great way to get some extra dough- underprice the grocery store and set it somewhere on the commute "on the way home". I'd stop in a heartbeat. You should sell shallots. And bok choy. It's always a blast to talk w/ the folks at the farmers market who are amateur gardeners selling their excess...