22 March 2010

Health Care Overhaul Passes; Glum Republicans Note Failure of World to End

Film at eleven.
I'm not exactly thrilled with the legislation, but it's a starting point. The next administration, perhaps, will take a better approach to reform, namely, fixing problems one at a time instead of trying to cobble together a massive bill that requires satisfying everyone in order to pass. We shall see.

This morning I went to purchase a monitor cable at my local electronics store. The sales clerk and a customer were having an agreement discussion. Both were clearly birthers. The customer even seemed to think the president was in fact the antichrist, though he was a bit confused about what all this meant. Clearly Obama was attempting to destroy the United States (really?), but he seemed to believe his election had been bought--by George W. Bush. Huh? To make himself look good, perhaps, but these people, sometimes they think Bush is Christ in the second coming, so maybe he funded the election of the antichrist in order to hasten armageddon. I don't know.

I love my farm. I like the area we live in, the neighborhood and the region. But there are some people here who I just wish would stay indoors, or better yet join together in a cult-commune and leave everyone else alone. It isn't that I don't like people who disagree with me; that would be most people. Disagreement is healthy. It's the people who are so full of hate and so desperate to justify themselves that they'll grasp at any ridiculous straw to validate their hatred. There seem to be more such people about these days than I'm used to, so I suppose the cult-commune would would have to be very large, but there are large tracts of open land in Kansas and Nebraska that are almost entirely depopulated. Loving County, Texas, has less than 50 people, that would be a great place for the commune. They could even secede, if they wanted. There are already buildings and stuff there, unoccupied. It could be the New Israel.

I think I'm going to go print up some brochures.

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