12 March 2010

Climate scheduling

The ten day forecast has no temperatures on it below 40. The average date of last frost in Pelzer is 5 April. The ten day forecast goes through March 21. At what point do we go ahead and decide to put the plants out? I could do it now and be comfortable through March 21—but the probably of a freeze between the 21st and the 5th is historically somewhat better than 50%. I feel like we’re losing good growing days here, but at the same time, I don’t want to set out 100+ plants now and lose them all fifteen days later.

We just sowed okra, parsley, borage, and bok choy, all here indoors. I figure there’s no sense setting anything out until those are sprouted and healthy, and that’s at least ten days away. Maybe by March 26th, when the 10-day forecast goes through April 5, then we can make a decision.

Growing tender vegetables is tougher in a seasonal climate than it is in Florida, where I grew up. Huh. Who’d have thought?

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