27 January 2010

Who is Smitty?

Smitty is a man. Yes! Has all the requisite parts and everything.

Smitty does not have a job, however, which makes him feel like less of a man. This has been going on for some time. From the government’s perspective, Smitty has withdrawn from the labor force and is no longer included in economic statistics. He is among the Long-Term Unemployed, something he never thought he’d be.
Smitty is a college graduate, and a former Air Force officer. He is qualified to fly airplanes, but for most other jobs he is either over- or under-qualified, and, as a long-term unemployed non-statistic has trouble finding employers who will take him seriously. This is a primary source of frustration. He has trouble getting his value across on paper and prefers the interview.

Smitty is in his 30s. He is healthy but not in good shape and misses regular exercise.

Smitty lives in South Carolina, in a rural part of the upstate, but within shopping distance of two of the region’s four major cities.

Smitty has two acres, of which he is in full command of at most four-fifths of one. He hopes to acquire more land, and dreams of adding a breeding pair of sheep to the current farmstead/menagerie.

Smitty is very happily married and has no children.

Smitty wants you to know that if he met you, he’d buy you a beer and share an hour’s conversation with you. And if he already knows you, the offer is open.

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