30 January 2010

Random Old Photos

Well, the promised snow didn't exactly happen, but we got plenty of sleet and ice, and are homebound because of the ice right now. Tomorrow when it's sunny I'll take a picture. I was going to post a little fiction I've been working on, but didn't really do any work on it as I'd intended. Instead Smittywife and I went through some old pictures to see which ones we might blow up to put on the walls in the living room. This here is one of them.

We have a nice painting of an acacia tree on the mantle and were hoping to add more, since I have all these photos from my trip to Africa a few years ago. We picked five or six we like. I'm particularly fond of this one.

While I was going through old pictures I came across this one from several years ago, a winter in Kyrgyzstan when I was deployed with the Air Force. You never see snowflakes like this. We certainly don't get them here in South Carolina. It was cold enough that winter, too, that the snowflakes didn't really melt, so for several days the top inch or two of snow was these perfect little snowflakes. It was fascinating.

That's all for today. Maybe I'll do some writing this evening to post tomorrow.


Rambling Speech said...

Have you heard of canvas on demand? I was pleased with the picture I had them enlarge and put on a canvas for mom's Christmas present.

Smitty said...

I'll have to look that up. We'd just been thinking about doing regular photo prints but particularly the square pictures would look good on canvas next to the canvas painting.