29 January 2010


The picture at the top of this blog is my winter picture. It was taken on March 1st of last year, which is only winter technically; I think March is spring. But we had five inches of snowfall last year overnight between the 28th and 1st and so that's when I took that picture. I may get to update it if the weather forecasts come true.

Living here, the possibility--even if remote--of snow always means lines at the store. I don't know what people are thinking. I went in there to buy some almond milk, which we were out of. They had like nine cashiers working plus the self-checkout lines and there were four or five people in each one of the lines. Buying bread, milk, eggs, giant bags of dog food, tortilla chips, soda... what are these people thinking is going to happen? I realize it's a Friday, but it was ten o'clock in the morning! Nobody had gotten their paycheck yet. This was just panic buying.

I love the people who buy milk and eggs and such. Aren't you afraid the power's going to go out? That's what usually happens here, because snow becomes ice, ice makes trees fall down, and power lines get cut. So all that milk you bought to stock up is going to sour in the fridge anyway. (Yes, I bought milk too, but I would have bought it regardless of the weather forecast because we needed it.) And how long are people expecting this to last? We're talking two days, max; by Sunday it's supposed to be sunny and warm again.

In any event I used the weather--which by the way hasn't actually arrived yet--as an excuse to mostly stay inside and work on a couple of writing projects. Yep, I'm a real farmer; when it's below 42 I don't do outdoor work.

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