29 January 2010

Seedling Update

I was going to post updates on our little seedlings for the garden. I love germinating seeds, it's so much fun to watch them. On my way to the mud room to take the picture, I stopped and grabbed a snack. I had pie. It occurred to me that I had a picture of this pie on my camera. Smittywife made it this past weekend, cherry-cheesecake pie. She made fat free cheesecake, and we canned the cherries ourselves over the summer. This is good pie. I've had it for breakfast a couple times this week...

And while I'm posting pictures, take a look at the flowers on our little calamansi tree. We have to keep it indoors this time of year (this summer I'm building a greenhouse, I swear) along with the key lime and... all of the other tropical plants we moved up here with from Florida. Oy. Mangoes, avocados, plumerias, jasmines, they're great but they take up a lot of space in the back of the house. But then one of them goes and bursts into flower like this here. They smell like a mix of jasmine and orange blossoms, and there are six times as many buds on the tree as there are open flowers right now. We won't need air freshener in the living room for a week.

Okay, here are the actual seedlings! On the right are five cilantro plants. The ten plants on the left are lemon wallflowers. Side note: am I the only person who remembers that there was a Batman villain called The Wallflower? I mean, it's not like I was even alive during the Adam West era, which is when that villain came up, but there are zero references to it on the web apart from commentary on a Venture Bros. episode. Weird. I'd have thought, the Adam West Batman series being such a cult thing, there'd be pages devoted to every one-off character that ever appeared, like how every Pokemon in existence has a full page on Wikipedia longer than most biographies of the kings of England.
Anyway, some of the sweet peppers are sprouting at last. Took them two weeks; this is why you start things indoors. We have a tray of poblano peppers and eggplants going, too, but no activity there yet. This weekend we should be planting a whole bunch of stuff.

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