21 July 2008

She's Trouble

The kitten, that is.

And by the way, her name is Tribble. As you might have guessed. Thought you would all like to know. She's going to the vet today to get her shots (as is Jackson, and I don't have a pet carrier to put her in so this should be a very interesting trip) and a checkup. Kittens need those from time to time.

She got a new litterbox for her three-month birthday yesterday, but so far she hasn't used it. But she hasn't done anything in the house, either, at least not that I've found. We think the new box may be too deep, so I'm going to get some of her old brand of litter and add some of that, so that she gets the idea. I'm sure she will.

She's gotten so big, though. She's definitely a gangly teenager now, and not a cute little kitten. But she is still cute, don't worry. I'll post some pictures once I have some.

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