14 July 2008

The Rot Increases

The kitten managed to remove--well, break--one of the keys on the computer keyboard recently. Once broken the key had to be removed in order to continue functioning. This wasn't a big deal since it's the spare $ key and I don't use it. But the kitten managed to remove the thing on her own anyway. So then there was an empty space on the keyboard instead of a key.

Now she's done it to the up arrow key, which was next to $ key. The up arrow is something I like to use a lot, but now the key is gone. Fortunately I can still use the up arrow by pressing on the contact with my finger. It's just not a key. It's any guess as to which key she will remove next, but I have started closing the lid at night.

I have found the spare $ key. It was in the kitchen. It has bite marks clean through it. I haven't found the up arrow key. I don't think she ate it but you never know.

1 comment:

Rambling Speech said...

Bad kitty. No eating the technology!!!