10 July 2008

Beware of In-Laws

Specifically, beware of sisters-in-law (my in-laws are actually quite cool).

Poor innocent Zora was struck down in the prime of her life this last weekend, losing her fight with the cargo van in the first round in a technical bumper-crushing.
She's still drivable of course, just needs some body work and a new bumper. I'll have to post a picture of the damage. Thanks to my sister-in-law, she'll be in the shop for at least a week starting on the 22nd... just about the time I was hoping to drive up to SC to get a job. Oh well. So I'll stay here for a few more weeks.

This is a cautionary tale, though. When you're backing a large vehicle, make sure you know if there's another vehicle somewhere behind it. Especially if it's red, because red cars are hard to see. Ahem.

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