02 June 2008

Unemployment is bad for your health

You may remember back in March I was sick. When I wrote a post about it we thought it was a head cold, but later we decided it had been a sinus infection. Penicillin took care of it but it was unpleasant and annoying.

Well evidently it's back. Same symptoms, same feeling, same unpleasant annoyingness. And here it is Smittywife's birthday and I don't have the energy to do anything special... plus I'm all stuffed up and sound like I've been swallowing charcoal. It isn't pretty, and it isn't nice. And it's not even three months since I got over the last one.

I never used to get sick often. Certainly not this often anyway; for a long time I could count on getting the flu every November, but even that has faded the last decade or so. I occasionally come down with acute gastroenteritis, usually from not smelling the milk before drinking it when I come back after a vacation or TDY. But this sort of thing, I mean, shoot, I'd never had a sinus problem of any sort before the one this spring, and here it is again. This is ridiculous. The only thing that's changed, really, is that I'm not gainfully employed. So that must be it; unemployment is bad for your health. Need to do something about that...

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