15 June 2008

On Time

You know, I just changed the books over there in the righthand gutter, replaced Don Quixote with Bartram's Trail Revisted, and I noticed that I've had Buddha is as Buddha does over there for nearly two months. Why is it taking me so long to read that book?

No really, I don't know. I'm asking. I enjoy the book. It's very thinky, by which I mean I can't sit and read 50 pages straight because I have to stop and think every few pages. Which is sort of the point anyway. It's a good book, too, well-written, and certainly something I'm keenly interested in. But I mean, I'm barely over half way through it. It's not terribly long, about the average length of most of the books I read actually.

I haven't been doing a whole lot of reading lately. Which is odd; my subscription to The Economist ran out two weeks ago and I'm not restarting it until we move, so I should have more time to read books. I've been reading the Bartram's Trail book more, actually; it's quite good as well (thanks Mom & Dad!), but I seem to spend too much time doing... um... ah, there's the problem. Wasting the time. Grr.

I can't wait to get out of here. I'm stuck in this awful rut and the sooner I leave Tampa and get started on something new (a job, you know, would be nice) the better. Here's hoping I get a job soon and we can move.


Ayzair said...

I've heard through the grapevine that your information was passed along from one company to another and you were found to be qualified, but said company "wants 10 more just like him" before they will hire anyone. And this will be your utility provider, fun.

Smitty said...

They emailed and asked for a phone interview today; we'll do it Wednesday. Did they find ten more? Or is this just a shot in the dark? We'll find out shortly!