06 June 2008


Are you ready for more cuteness than you can handle? Then follow the jump to see pictures of the newest member of the Smitty family!

This is the first picture I ever saw of the new kitten. Smittywife sent it to me while I was in South Carolina to close on the new house. She was out walking the dog one morning and these two little kittens had been abandoned outside the condo complex. We're guessing their 3-4 weeks old at this point. She took them upstairs, and one of them went to our next door neighbors (who'd been thinking about getting a second cat).
Smittykitty is on the left in this photo.

Incidentally, Smittykitty is not her name. It's a placeholder name. We're not even sure she's a she; she might be a he, but we can't really tell. Don't laugh; you turn over a five-week-old kitten and tell me the sex why don't you? Because we aren't sure she's a she we haven't really settled on a name. I like Schroedinger. Smittywife had picked Tumbleweed a while back, but she hasn't continued using the name. I called her "Tumbleweed Schroedinger, the Quantum Kitten" for a while, but she's not nearly as small now as she was so Quantum isn't quite right. This picture was taken shortly after I got home, about two weeks ago.

At first all she did was cry and sleep. Then gradually she started to eat. She actually started to play with stuff last weekend, which was fun. She likes my sandals, I don't know why.

She's certainly grown a lot in the last couple weeks. We can pet her now, without it bothering her, and she doesn't fit in the palm of my hand. But she still fits in the pocket of my old BDUs.

I mean come on. How cute is this?


Lucky Bob said...

Awwww. That's sweet. Friggin' cat allergies. Hey what if you combine tumbleweed, Schroedinger, and quantum and choose a name related to all three? Hmm. What about Tangle? Plus I think it would work for a boy or a girl. Eh. But you must inform us of any decision on the name front.

Rambling Speech said...

Skip muffin. The last picture reminds me of the Mean Kitty Song on youtube. Totally worth watching.

Such a cutie. Cursed cat allergies!!! Too bad I can't function with antihistimines in me.

GatorGirlintheCity said...

Achoo! Wish I wasn't allergic as your kitty is very cute! I want one!