10 June 2008


So... this morning Smittywife suggested the name Tribble. Tribble works. She's small and furry. She makes little squeaks and purrs. She's full of love (although right now she mainly expresses her love by attacking our feet and ankles). She emits ear-piercing squeals when she's near a Klingon... or, well, when she's hungry. And she's hungry all the time--although, since she's a carnivore, our vast stores of quadrotriticale should be safe.

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Anonymous said...


Love the kitty, had many as a kid but Autumn is highly allergic.

We are stationed at McGuire for the next year. It is a 1:20 train ride to NYC and a 40 minuted drive to Philly. The house is tiny!!! 1300 Sq ft vs our 2200 Sq ft in Tampa. A little tight for a family of five, but we opted for kids instead of furniture early in our marriage so we should fit...or so we think...our house hold goods have not arrived yet.

No sweat on not getting together before we left. Definitely my fault. We got crazy busy too. I never knew how time consuming painting the outside of a house and getting it ready for renters could be. I should have reread your remodeling posts to realize what an undertaking things can be!

I keep up with Smitty's World regularly with an RSS feed so I'll always be in touch.