02 May 2008

So much news!

Well, by now most of you readers are aware--in fact, most of you were there to celebrate with us--but Smittygirl is now in fact Smittywife. Yaay! It was a wonderful day, thanks to everyone who helped us make it possible (that would be all of you).

So, the new Smitty family embarked on an exciting honeymoon after the wedding, and there will be many wonderful pictures of that soon enough. For now here is a taste:


Ayzair said...

Welcome back! I hope married life is still treating you well :) (Though I had to snicker when I saw, next to the honeymoon post, your current reading list ...)

Army Sergeant said...

Congratulations! And it looks like the honeymoon was gorgeous! Hope it served to take the bad taste out of your mouth you were feeling before.