02 May 2008

A New Home

Well, the Smitty family has a new abode. We are planning a move as most of you know, and an important part of planning a move is having a place to move in to. We now have that. I direct your attention to exhibit A above, the new Smitty house.

And to exhibit B, which is the lot the new Smittyhouse is on. Each triangle is approximately 9/10 acre. Lots of nice trees, eh? Jackson doesn't know it yet but boy is he excited about that yard.

The house needs paint and some minor work, but we're looking forward to it. And of course to having all of you come over and help us with it... free beer!

This means that we need to sell the current house. If you or anyone you know might be interested in the biggest 1 bedroom condo in downtown Tampa, and the lowest price per square foot and essentially the lowest price period, seriously, leave comments. All offers considered, the place is going for $160k. Best price in the city. AND you get two parking spots guaranteed; no other condo offers that to one-bedroom units. Plus we have an extra half-bath, too, most of the other 1 bedrooms have only one bathroom. And it's got a new kitchen! Seriously, this is the best deal going, and I'm not even kidding. Check my ad on Craigslist!


Rambling Speech said...

Congratulations on the smittyhouse! Will it be named CasaSmitty, or Smittyabode, or HomeSweetSmitty?

Or SmittyCrib? :-) I'm so glad you got the house! Keep us informed as to when you are moving on in.

Glad you had a nice honeymoon. The wedding was lovely and a good time was had by all.

Ayzair said...

Yaaaaay, you're in the state!! Or will be soon! Looks like a cute house. We'll definitely come see it in person this summer! And I think meeting halfway-ish for wineries or camping or all sorts of things would be fun, too!

Ayzair said...

Out of curiosity, I tried to go to your Craigslist ad. It was removed -- does that mean the condo sold?!?!