22 May 2008

What a week

Okay, well! I'm back in Tampa, finally. I went up to close on the house and was supposed to be back Sunday but the closing got pushed back after I was already up there and I had to stay an extra few days. Annoying to say the least. While I was gone Smittygirl went and adopted a Smittykitty. She's about four weeks old, maybe five; we're still feeding her with an eyedropper if that's any indication, and she fits neatly into the palm of one of my hands, which granted I have very fat palms but it's not like I have big hands. Anyway. She's sitting on my legs right now as I write this. There will be pictures soon, I assure you, but there are so many things to post pictures of it's going to take a bit of time.

Anyway, Smittykitty does not have a name yet. I want to call her Schrodinger (and if you don't know why just look it up on Wikipedia) but Smittygirl favors another name...probably ANY other name. Tumbleweed right now. We'll see. She may have multiple names. She and her brother were found downstairs at the condo; mama probably ran off, got run over by a car, or something. The next door neighbors have her brother.

They're redoing the flooring and the paint on the exterior of this condo building right now so I have to carry Jackson to the elevator to take him outside for a walk.

So let's see, there are lots of pictures of the new house, and of course many pictures of the honeymoon, and of course pictures of the kitten. Which ones will get uploaded first? Who knows. I am pleased to report that the new house has both red mulberry and pecan trees growing in the back yard, and there are pictures of those, too. Yeah. Lots of pictures to upload. And I have to review Emergency Sex, which was a really terrific book. But there are errands to run and housecleaning projects to tackle so realistically we're looking at one post a day for a while, no more. Patience! Patience is a wonderful thing!

Kitten is now asleep on my foot. Awww.


Rambling Speech said...

May I respectfully submit the name "muffin"?

Afterall- it survived falls and tragedy as well.


Anonymous said...

You sort of mentioned a name in your blog - Smittykitty. How about that???