26 February 2008

Work in Progress

Okay, well, the long-awaited laptop fix is still in progress. I have bonded the hinges to the bottom of the machine and will bond them to the lid this evening after dinner, so they can cure over night. Unfortunately I don't have any way to clamp them that I can think of, but I may be able to come up with something. Fortunately I don't think the stress will be such that the lack of clamp will be a significant problem. But we shall see.

I do hope this works, but even if it doesn't it will at least look interesting. And that's something in and of itself.

On another note, the rumor that Barry Bonds may come to the Rays remains just that, a rumor, and I hope it will never turn into anything more. I do not want to see that man in a Rays uniform. I don't want to have to heckle one of my own players, but I will if it comes to that. Having already booked a large block of tickets for the game the night before the wedding I can't quite disown the team yet, even if they do pick Bonds up. But the ice is thin here, very thin. Why don't be spend the money Bonds would cost on better pitching? That would be a better value for this season, and a better long-time use of money as well. I hope that realization has already permeated the front office.

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