21 February 2008

It Ain't Right

Just clicked on ESPN. Here are the top news stories in the college football ticker:
# USC's Hazelton has surgery on stomach muscles
# Louisville dismisses Council after robbery arrest
# LSU QB Perrilloux suspended for rules violation
# DUI arrest costs Vols punter 5 games, scholarship
# Gamecocks WR Lecorn arrested on drug charge
# Court reverses former Oklahoma QB's conviction
# Ex-Texas RB Taylor sent to jail for five months
# FSU puts itself on 2 years probation after scandal

Seven out of eight of them are about people getting arrested or suspended after breaking the law (or the NCAA rules). That's just sad.

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Army Sergeant said...

By the way-have you thought about coming to/blogging Winter Soldier? You have a very interesting voice when talking politics/what have you.