08 February 2008


Well, Mesa may not have had any interest, but Comair wants to interview me.
Hooray! It's really awesome, I'm stoked. And highly nervous. I mean, they're going to ask me questions about stuff that I used to know, so that's not so bad. But I used to know it. I have to unlock that part of my brain; hence the appearance down there on the book list of the ATP oral exam guide. There's another book on the way, could be here tomorrow, Monday more likely.

Comair is being very nice, too--they fly me to Cincinnati and home on their dime, which is great. And all I have to do in return is not be a fool and prepare for the interview. I suppose I have to dress up and stuff, too, and probably should trim my hair a bit. But those things aside I'm very excited. Hooray!


Rambling Speech said...

As someone who does frequent interviews (oh, about every 13 weeks) and has gotten every job so far- let's go through some of the clemsonpen rules.

1. Answer the question. No more, no less. They don't want the whole story- they want the answer.
2. Be flexible. You can become not-so-flexible once you are in the job a few months and explain why things have changed and you can no longer be flexible- but promise to be flexible.
3. Don't give up any negative information. I don't point out during interviews the fact that I'm not a morning person or that I need time off for a friend's wedding, or that my paperwork ability sucks-- they'll find that out once they WANT ME. Then it's not a problem that I want to come in later or need a day off in April.
4. Be polite and smile. This is your future coworker, boss or resource you're talking to. You want them to be at ease.
5. Interview them. Research the company before the interview and ask them questions that let them know you've done your research. If possible, find someone online or through contacts that has worked for this company before and chat them up. At least check out how the company itself is doing financial wise.
6. Know that this isn't your only chance at a job. Know that this is THEIR only chance to have one great worker. They have more to lose.

Good luck! tell us how it goes!

Chessie said...

"Rambling Speach" gave you an excellent reply. Memorize EVERY POINT he (or she) presented! Then pepare some "answers" for questions you think they will ask.