15 January 2007

We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties...

... and, crap like I've never seen!

Anyway, for whatever reason I can no longer get a solid wireless connection from any of my preferred sites. Although the computer claims to be connected at thus-and-such a speed, Firefox can't find anything. So today I finally get a chance to get online and post a safari post etc and I can't get anything to work. I'm reduced to going to the library and putting in this cheap "sorry no updates my shit sucks" post to tide you over until I either figure out what's wrong or just bite the bullet and get my own network. Probably the latter although I do not want to do that.

I'll be back soon. I hope...

By the way, American Idol starts tonight and I still can't pick up the local fox affiliate on my television. Not sure what's going on there but I'm a smidge upset by that. If you have any suggestions for my Luddite technical difficulties... well, don't bother emailing. I guess you could call. My cell phone still works. I think.


Anonymous said...

Well CRAP! I wish I had your cell phone number!

Aren't you in Tampa now? You could always come over our house and watch American Idol. Heck... what's one more??

Errr.. cept that I really don't "know" you, but I read so much of your blog, I kind of feel like I do!

The Former Lepidopterist said...

Okay, so the blog is public now. Enjoy!