01 January 2007


It's a cool, dreary day here in Tampa. I've been spending the day reading and working on Lauderdale, and taking periodic breaks to work on my culinary masterpiece of the day, lentil soup. The broth has been on since about noon. Around three I added the leeks, potatoes, and parsnips.

The potatoes interested me. I purchased a bag of yellow potatoes at the commissary and didn't think much of it, but when I pulled the bag from the fridge I happened to see written on it: "Same-size potatoes." It's in small print on the front. Same-size potatoes.

They are. It's weird. I mean, it's such a small thing. When I want to put in another potato, I don't have to dig for one the right size. They're all the same size.

I've never bought a bag of potatoes that were all the same size before. How convenient. I wonder how much more it costs in production terms, because I assume they either pay somebody or installed some machine to make sure every bag contains potatoes the same size. And I thought there'd been no real innovations in produce since the honeycrisp apple.


Smittygirl said...

Oooooooh, soup... I'm excited!!!

Ben Whetstone said...

Lentil soup is good, I recently duplicated the sausage and lentil soup from Carraba's at home and it was excellent.

Smitty said...

For the record, the soup was terrific. I've never written down the recipe for it, nor have I ever read a recipe for it. In fact, I actually only made it because once, while I was living in Fort Lauderdale, I accidentally brought home a bag of dried lentils, rather than a bag of dried black beans.
Now, you may ask, how could one mistake lentils for black beans, and certainly that seems a little odd. But you have to remember I used to drink a lot.

tyler said...

Not that I am sure that it was a Botanical innovation, but the Jonagold apple has been a magnificent find in the Farmer's Market. No Arkansas Blacks though.

And at the request of luckybob, and jennifer, there was a large batch of Red Beans and Rice made up in Casa Marbut to ring in the New Year.

Think it's time for some chow-da though. Or maybe some She-crab soup.


Rambling Speech said...

MMMMMmmmm.... Jonagold apple. Stole some of these from my older bro and darn if I can't find any at any grocery store nearby. And that's saying a lot, as "nearby" I mean Richmond, VA--or Columbia, SC-- or La Plata, MD. We'll see if I can find any in Bal'more!

I'm eating a hotel steak right now. Actually, it's getting cold but I'm going to nuke it soon. I had to wait for room service to bring up a bottle opener to open my Guinness which the hotel restaurant foolishly sold to me unopened (and no screw top!).... grrr, and I was already in my PJs.... and my steak is cold now.

Anonymous said...

I tried making lentil soup a few months ago. It turned out pretty tasty, but I managed to have an allergic reaction to it. I'm not sure what it was in the soup that did it... it was just lentils and veggies and broth.

However, our New Years was rung in with a lasagna I made filled with lamb, spinach, mushrooms, and lots of ricotta. Yum!

Cheyenne said...

Hey, I tried calling you the other day, but just got voice mail, and I wasn't sure if you were back yet, so I didn't leave a message. But just in case you didn't/don't know...Dan and I got engaged. He proposed on the first (I went to AZ to spend some time with him/meet his whole family). So...yeah, there you go.