10 January 2007

Just a Wee Bit Late

About five months ago, while I was deployed, Dell began a recall on their laptop batteries, which occasionally burst into flames in highly photogenic fashion. The office in which I worked contained dozens of Dell laptops, and one evening for want of anything better to do I examined all the laptops, typed all their battery serial numbers into Dell’s website, and discovered that eight of our laptops had batteries needing to be replaced. So I ordered them. Thinking, as I did, that they would arrive in about a month.

They never did arrive.

Then, yesterday, I received a package in the mail. You already know what it was—a single Dell battery, for a laptop in Djibouti. The package had in fact gone to Djibouti first, before being forwarded to me at home.

I’m certainly not going to pay to send the thing back to Djibouti. I don’t—and never again will—own a Dell laptop, so I have no need to keep it. I’ll probably sell it on eBay or something. As it is most of the computers that needed batteries were eventually replaced by the comm folks over there without waiting for new batteries to arrive.

Now I’m just wondering… will I be getting seven more of these?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!!! You'll probably get the 7 others, but one at a time.

Came on looking for more animal pics from your safari.

CW..the one sitting next to you when you ordered the batteries.