18 January 2007

Smitty's Back!

Hooray! I finally get to check my email and post to the blog again! I hate having to spend money to do that, but clearly other options were not open to me. Thanks to the good people at Bright House Networks I now have high-speed internet service as well as super-limited cable (networks and public access, basically), but it only costs me about forty dollars a month. If you still believe Smitty can be reached at an Earthlink email address, now would be a good time to update your records as Earthlink will be a thing of the past very shortly. Possibly later this afternoon.

And I only had to miss two nights of American Idol! Yaay!

1 comment:

Rambling Speech said...

You missed some strange ones the last two nights on Idol. There was a mother/daughter team that had the funkiest red lips and weird hair...something out of a horror movie! And a guy at the end of last night with red hair that just was plain wacko. I'm waiting for one of the repeat contestants to pull a gun, myself... that uncle sam one seemed a likely postal candidate. The real talent will show next week.