16 April 2006

Yes. I'm serious.

Okay, so, we all know Abramoff Buddy and all-around slimeball Tom DeLay, who has resigned from his House seat under a cloud of suspicion and multiple indictments (though of course that had nothing to do with why he resigned, no), but who (surprise, surprise) the White House has repeatedly claimed is innocent of charges (charges that, of course, the White House wouldn't know anything about).

Well, it just gets better. The chief of the Office of Management and the Budget, Josh Bolten, recently stepped up to become Chief of Staff. And who is on the shortlist to replace Bolten?

Tom DeLay! Of course he is! You may recall that DeLay announced last year that the federal budget was as small as it could possibly be. Yeah. He said that. And now this man is on the short-list to become the head budget estimator and manager for the entire Executive Branch. In the administration that has produced the largest deficits in history.

Mm-hmm. We actually have to put up with these clowns for another two years and nine months. I hope the country can handle it.

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