01 March 2006

Disparate thoughts

Note, that's an 'I' and not an 'E' above.

I really ought not to post about American Idol, but I can't resist. Am I the only person around who thought Ace Young utterly butchered that song? He took a stab at the falsetto, and I mean he really stabbed it. Killed it dead, clean-up-the-bloodstains dead. Horrid. I wanted to scream. I couldn't grab the remote and get to "mute" fast enough. Poor Cinders had to jump up and run out of the room--and he's old, he doesn't jump for much.
Then Paula and Randy just blow smoke up his arse like he's already got the contract. It's frightening, how far being cute will get you. (Side note: I managed to register votes for Taylor (of course, though he was a little off the mark tonight), and for David Radford and Gedeon McKinney. I don't want to see the lounge singer off the contest, and I think he's going to need the votes. McKinney finally proved he could sing tonight, and I'm a sucker for Sam Cooke songs.)

And on another note:

I picked up a book today that I'd purchased on a lark, and before I knew it I was on page 65 and was getting a sunburn out by the pool. I didn't want to stop reading. I want to go start reading again, and I'm about to (but I had to put in some content(s) here). I love that about literature--sometimes, who knows why, a book just reaches out and grabs you and forget you're even reading, and not actually in the book. This book is like that. You'll see a review shortly.


Anonymous said...

You are correct sir! Ace must go! I thought the judges were smoking crack cocaine.


Lucky Bob said...

I find it remarkable funny how you have been sucked into the Idolatry alongside my mother. I would have lost money on that bet. you take Idol and I'll stay with my bad movies.

Smitty said...

It's a deal, lucky. If I never have to watch "Carmen Electra is The Chosen One" again, it will be too soon...

(Actually, that one had its good parts, like the opening montage; way better than Carnosaur 2 or whatever we watched after it.)

scanime said...

I think that's why I am enjoying American Idol. I really like Radford and Hicks, because they aren't pop stars. Gedeon, too, is one of my favorites.