28 December 2005


Well. The year is nigh over. I was going to some sort of retrospective, but now I realize that I don't really care to. Looking back over the past year is what got me depressed in the first place, back in March. Of course, the year I was looking back over was not then as pleasant as the year just coming to a close.

I speak, of course, of my own year, the things I did this year. 2005 as a whole was marginally crappy in the outer world, but plenty of other news agencies will tell you all about it, so I don't need to. And as for my year... well, you can review the blog. Frankly, I'm not at all sure what in the hell I was intending to do with this post. But a post, once written, cannot be deleted. So here you go.

Let's all toast 2005. For or better or for worse, it's over. Here's a Shiner Bock to toast in 2006.

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