12 September 2005

More about that city quiz

I should start by saying that it was Ayzair who tipped me off to this little quiz, lest I get undue credit for original thought.

After reading someone else's rather inaccurate results on this whole city culture test, I decided to look into my results a little closer. If you click on the "SCUAI" link, you find a more complete description. I was rather surprised at how well they nailed me. You can nail me after the jump.

Sorry about the above, but in addition to other personality traits, I can't resist a good double entendre.

I bolded the ones that are particularly true, and underlined those I think are probably the least accurate.

life of the party, not bothered by disorder, not afraid of doing the wrong thing, often late, level emotions, not afraid to draw attention to self, worry free, people loving, prefers unpredictable to organized, fearless, not apprehensive about new encounters, likes philosophical discussions, disorganized, not easily annoyed, not a perfectionist, enjoys danger, comfortable in unfamiliar situations, anxiety free, always joking, not very private, very curious, not embarrassed easily, adventurous, flexible, narcissistic, trusting, easy to get to know, easy to satisfy, likes crowds [yes, as long as I can get away from them!], ready to act on the spot, not a bad loser, outgoing, thrill seeker, not easily discouraged, optimistic, laid back, open to new experience, slow to judge others, thinks fun is the most important thing in life, socially skilled, easily talked into doing silly things, rarely prepared, willing to take risks, adjusts easily, passionate about causes, willing to explain things twice, spontaneous, relaxed, believes in universal harmony [not entirely sure what they're trying to say], eager to soothe hurt feelings

Yeah, pretty good. All in all, good enough to convince me that I definitely should move to the Caribbean on the advice of this internet quiz.


MiniChick said...

While I think these quizzes are entertaining, I'm always amazed at how the descriptions they spit out are usually ones that anyone can identify with. How can they ever be wrong???

Ayzair said...

Okay, how come other people get the Carribean and interesting places in Europe, and I wind up in Kazakhstan? At least we can meet up in Providence!

Smitty said...

Minichick makes a good point; just like horoscopes, if you give enough vague generalisms you can't miss.
Of coures, I compared this description of me against the one of my dad; Dad's was rather more harsh, not nearly as close to reality, either. But it was definitely different from mine; not at all the sort of thing "anybody" could identify with (not real sure Dad identified with it, but then, he wouldn't identify with mine either).