11 September 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Totally Spoiler-Free Review:

1. Well, I at least knew who wasn't the Half-Blood Prince, but I didn't guess who was.
2. This book was way, way better than Order of the Phoenix.
3. I had guessed correctly what might happen at the end of this book. I feel very smug about all this, especially given some of the theories I read.
4. Ms. Rowling has given herself a very, very big list of things to accomplish in Book 7. No wonder she said she would probably just "keep writing and writing and writing." I guess we shouldn't expect to see Book 7 before, oh, 2007. Enough time to reread all of the previous 6 beforehand.
5. It's not that this book is so much better than Neuromancer, but, you know, it took me two days to read it. As opposed to two months. I could have read it in one day if I hadn't started reading at 8'00 in the evening.
6. I now believe nearly the entire story arc of book 7 can be found in the six existing books.
7. Let's say the comments are nota spoiler-free zone, so we can feel free to talk about the book there.


sarahintampa.com said...

So, what do you think...was Dumbledore pleading for his life...or for Snape to kill him?

Smitty said...

Hadn't really thought about that. I don't think Dumbledore was pleading for his life. It would be out of character; but that doesn't mean he was expecting Snape to kill him, either. I'm not entirely sure how that bit will play out.

Dumbledore admitted to Harry that, since he was very wise and very powerful, when he made a mistake, it was usually an extremely big mistake. Trusting Snape could qualify, unless as you say Dumbledore was in fact pleading for Snape to kill him. Don't know exactly what that potion did, do we?