25 April 2005

Toldja so

It seems Joe Trippi and Ron Brownstein are reading my blog. How else could have they concluded that there's a huge opening here for a third party?

In fact if you go all the way back to November, to the second post on this blog... well, what if the Democrats do decide to follow the Bush strategy of polarize, polarize, polarize? Gee, they'd leave the door wide open for a centrist to form a new third party. Score a few wins there and the scenario I envisioned just might have a chance.

I particularly like the last paragraph of the article, which I'll quote here:
"In such an environment, imagine the options available to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) if he doesn't win the 2008 Republican nomination, and former Democratic Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, now that he's dropped his flirtation with running for mayor of New York. If the two Vietnam veterans joined for an all-maverick independent ticket, they might inspire a gold rush of online support — and make the two national parties the latest example of the Internet's ability to threaten seemingly impregnable institutions."

That about sums it up for me.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're going to get tired of me running my mouth on your blog.

Nov. 15 post is very interesting... very interesting indeed. You're much better at this political theory thing than I am.

I should apologize for including a royal "We" in response to your previous post. I didn't mean to indicate that you or I were Republican, etc., etc.

Actually, like you, I'm nonaffiliated every day of the year except the first Tuesday in November every other year, where idealism fails to social responsibility in the voting booth, and it's the "lesser of two evils" scenario.

All right, my responses are getting longer than your original posts. I'll shut up. Enjoying the speculation though. Much fun.


Joel said...

I really need to start reading this every day.

Thank God that some others have started to realize this as well. I have been so waiting for someone to recognize the ever expanding vacuum that is moderate representation and move to fill it. I dare say the vacuum is so great that it may be able to expand a fledgling party to impressive proportions.