10 March 2008


Sorry for the thin postings of late dear readers. I have no real excuse other than not having much to say.
Today I am off--later this afternoon, anyway--for Dallas, to interview with American Eagle. That would be the regional airline, a partner of American Airlines, and not the clothing company. They're flying me out today, I'll stay in a hotel, and the interview is tomorrow. I'll know tomorrow how the interview goes--which is to say, if I make it through the entire day and they ask me to stay for some medical tests on Wednesday, then I got the job. If on the other hand at some point during the day tomorrow they offer me a standby ticket and a free ride to the airport... well, then I didn't get the job. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck. And also that I don't make a fool of myself.


Lucky Bob said...

Digits are figuratively twined

taemon said...

Best of Luck to you man. Maybe instead of crossing hand-based phalanges, possibly a Big, Giant Toe of Death crossing would be in order.

I've got a quasi-mutant toe crossing going for you.

Rambling Speech said...

Good luck. They'll be lucky to have you.