07 March 2008

Demon Inflation

Yesterday I went on my weekly shopping trip to the local Publix. I tell you, prices are just out of control, I don't know what the government figures are right now but inflation is just spiraling.

My favorite treat at Publix is of course the sour cream doughnut, a wonderful confection with absolutely no redeeming nutritional qualities to spoil the exquisite taste. They cost 69 cents each and I get one every few weeks when I go shopping hungry (something you should never do, but we all do it anyway).

Well, yesterday I discovered something utterly shocking. My doughnuts, lo, even the sour cream doughnuts, are not immune from the forces of consumer price inflation. The new price? A shocking 70 cents. 70 cents! My God! At this rate I'll never be able to afford them again.

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Rambling Speech said...

My sour cream muffin was $1.79 today. I think I should boycott muffins. Probably a good idea all around, anyway! :-) You have never shared the interview analysis with the blog! How did it go?