03 March 2008

We're Doooooooooooooooomed!

One of the fancy brass hinges came off the laptop yesterday.
Much to my surprise it broke where it attaches to the bottom of the machine, not to the side of the lid, which was where I assumed it would break if it was going to. I can reattach, fortunately, and intend to, but it appears that this fix is going to be rather less permanent than I had hoped. Especially considering that the wires connecting the lid to the base are fraying. Quickly.

I just want to say, since it's going to come up again, that Service Net, Inc, is a piece of shit company with no ethics whose employees are coked up assholes and script-reading shitbags with no more concern for their fellow man than they have for a housefly, and whose leadership and corporate governors are the sort of people who deserve to be dragged face down through a briar patch behind a panicky horse. I have nothing but ill will for the company, its employees, and any other company who contracts or does business with them. I hope when they die their bodies are thrown into landfills to be eaten by maggots and worms and after their jewelry is picked off by poor children to be sold at pawn shops they will be utterly forgotten forever by everyone who ever knew them and the evidence of their lives will be wiped forever from the collective memory of man.

Service Net I curse thee!

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Lucky Bob said...

Note to self. Don't piss off the Smitty. I was hoping it would take to at least some degree. *shakes fist at sky* Damn you Service Net!