03 December 2007

More Smittytree!

I had a lot of posts to get up this morning; the next two are both new as well. But this one has cool pictures so I'm putting it on top. We spent Friday night decorating Smittytree and listening to Christmas music (incidentally, Sarah McLachlan's Christmas CD, Wintersong, is terrific), and took several wonderful pictures. Hopefully my camera battery isn't too dead for me to download the pictures. Hang on and I'll meet you after the Jump.
Okay, you remember the pictures from before of the tree and the tree with lights. Well, since you followed along after the jump you'll probably agree to indulge me with way too many pictures. I'll keep it quick, though.
First we put on all the glass orbs, which we mostly picked up at Jo-Ann, the fabric store. And since the tripod was already set up, I took this picture.

Next we opened up Smittygirl's box of ornaments, which are all terribly nice and fragile and scare me somewhat. The first to go on were these incredibly delicate beautiful blown glass pieces. And she added the bow that we had on the tree last year.

Then we started digging into the box of ornaments, and found the snowflakes and the stars from the Phillipines, and added those. The stars rock; there are only two of them but they're very cool. Here's a nice closeup of everything: orbs, blown glass, snowflake (it's turned to its side so you can only see part of it, just below the center of the picture), and the star is near the top left.

The tree was still missing a little something. Mainly that's because it's so big I guess. We went back to Jo-ann on Saturday and picked up some poinsettias and berries, and now the tree seems complete. It's very nice, I hope you'll agree.

And here's a final closeup with a little of everything.

I was playing around with exposures on every picture, so the color shifts reflect only my pathetic experiments and not the actual lighting conditions in the room. The warm yellow pictures are nice, but the cool blue ones are good, too. Trouble is I don't really remember what I was doing different each time. Duh, great experiments, huh, where you don't write down what you were actually doing.

Now all I need to do is get on the ball and get the lights put out and the porch decorated; then I can put the decoration boxes in the storage locker downstairs and start to reclaim the living room.

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Rambling Speech said...

I like the coloring of the third picture best. Not too yellow, not too blue. What a lovely Christmas tree. As you travel as a couple you'll have to pick up a new ornament now and then. Date them somewhere inconspicuous. Then every year you can think about where you've been and what you've seen! Weirdly enough, we still have few ornaments on our tree from the cheap pack dad picked up their first christmas to fill the limbs of the tree....