11 December 2007

Holy shit

I just got a phone call from the office. My final out day is the 17th of December. I'll be a free man on the 18th. If I seem a bit high strung for the next week this is why.


Lucky Bob said...

It's like Christmas, early. Congrats man. I'll celebrate this weekend for you.

Oh and we went and had ice cream downtown yesterday. It was 75 degrees. THERE WERE GIRLS SUNBATHING BEHIND HENDRIX CENTER THIS AFTERNOON IN BIKINIS! What is up with this weather?

scanime said...

Awesome news, Smitty!

And Lucky, since when have you complained about girls sunbathing in bikinis?

Smitty said...

Tell me about it: 85 today, and the cars are covered in pollen. WTF indeed. Though I haven't seen enough girls sunbathing in bikinis lately, so I could scarcely complain about that, but this weather is absolutely insane. It's not really supposed to let up anytime soon, either, according to NOAA's Climate Prediction Center.

The Former Lepidopterist said...

Well, obviously it's time for me to start sunbathing in my bikini again.