25 October 2007

So much to do, so little... I mean, so much laziness

I haven't posted here in quite some time, eh? Sorry about that.
Let's see, what have we missed...

Hmm. Well, there was the fantastic trip to Clemson with Smittygirl. Great time. Clemson lost... that was lousy, but... the trip was still awesome. Then, a couple weeks at home, during which we got new furniture in the bedroom (and I was forced--a good thing--to clean out the mess in there). Then I went back to Clemson again for homecoming (we won that game, you may have heard, 70-14), another great weekend. Much pottery was shot.

I got some cool stuff out of the kiln recently at St. Pete Clay, by the way, of which there will be pictures shortly.

I also finished the book that I've been reading for a while. I'll review that shortly. Now I have to go make dinner, and while that's cooking I'll be cutting out a pattern for my Halloween costume. Really! There will be pictures. Some of you will be highly amused. Others will scratch your chins and wonder what the joke is.

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