01 October 2007

Ack! Ick!

And I don't just mean Clemson's play against Georgia Tech on Saturday (barf!). Smitty is laid low with a head cold and the assorted aches and pains (particularly the sinus-related ones) that go along with it. At least I know I'm not suffering an allergic reaction to some unknown thing, which was the going theory for a while until the fever hit last night.

Poor Jackson is sitting around all depressed because I don't want to go out and play. Oh well. I do need to go walk him and so I shall. Just wanted to poke the blog.

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Rambling Speech said...

Feel better soon-- there's a lot of hacking and coughing on the public transportation system I take to work everyday. Maybe if I don't breath deep....

Drink some OJ and buy those great aloe tissues.