05 October 2007

Smittygirl is the coolest fiancee ever!

She's been planning a surprise for more than a month! We're going on vacation this week! To Clemson! And all my friends are going to be there!

How awesome is that?

On a related topic, I got this new Clemson T-shirt and I needed to wash it. I knew it would run so I didn't want to put it in with the rest of the laundry, so I hand-washed it in the guest bath sink. Note the faucet, which Smittygirl and I installed about two weeks ago. Note also the color of the water, after the shirt spent about five minutes in there. Anyway. I'll see most of my readers this weekend; the rest of you, have fun!


Rambling Speech said...

Rough game yesterday-- I thought about the elm street family while watching the carnage on the play-by-play game site.

Hope the after-party made up for the game! Next fall I'm picking a contract close enough to get to a game!

Ayzair said...

That's nothing. I've washed Abigail's field trip shirt FOUR times, once in lots of vinegar, and it STILL bled on one of my shirts. Damn thing is dark turkey red. I think I'm going to pickle it in vinegar for about two days and see if that helps.