05 July 2007

So it begins...

Yesterday I spent $1400 on a washer and dryer. We still need a dishwasher.
I have to get the current washer and dryer out of the house (hello, craigslist!) and have an electrician come move the dryer outlet, and I need to patch some holes the drywall I made in the closet, before we can bring the new machines in.

We still need to buy a dishwasher. We've settled on cabinets, mostly, though I failed in my attempt to get out of work in time to get over to the cabinets place and put down a deposit and schedule the work.

We haven't picked a new floor yet, but that needs to be done. By the end of the summer the place is barely going to be recognizable. Well, the kitchen and baths and closets, anyway. We might just get rid of the cabinetry in the bathrooms, too, and buy a vanity for the guest bath and install new cabinets in the main bath. Can't be too much more expensive, right?

I'm doing all this and I'm about to lose my job? I really hope I get a severance package.


ty said...

So which ones did you get man? Go with the pretty LG ones in Candy Apple Red or pull it back a bit.

Oh and you can move that dryer wire yourself, just make SURE that the breaker is off before poking around in there. Learned that lesson the hard way. That screwdriver was never the same. But there is a lovely weld scar on the side.

Smitty said...

We pulled it back a bit... $1350 v close to $1900. Went with last year's top-of-the-line GE models, which, being last year's, were at a steep (33%) discount. They're white (sadly), but we might get Smittygirl's mom to paint them maybe? Well, probably not, but still, we could do something fun.

Yeah... not moving the dryer wire myself. Thought about that four years ago the first time I had to do it, decided against. I'd rather not bother with that. Me not so good with electricity...