05 July 2007

Fourth of July

Standing under a tree on a muggy evening with no tripod is not the best way to photograph fireworks. Who cares?! It was fun! A taste of St. Petersburg's 4th of July fireworks celebration:


scanime said...

Those pictures still came out looking good. Did you go to the spot as last year?

Smitty said...

Nah, we went across the bay to St. Pete. But we left late and there was NO parking in downtown so we ended up in a neighborhood north of downtown. It was still a great show, and next year we'll probably do St. Pete again, but leave earlier.
Actually... there was PLENTY of parking in downtown, as Smittygirl will verify. But they had the parking garage for Al Lang Field blocked off so nobody could park there. Explain this please. Three tiers of parking garage plus two large surface lots, right in the middle of downtown. Nobody using them. Why not? What purpose is a public garage in downtown if you're not going to let people park there for downtown events? Weird.

Tina said...

Jeez, I was right down the street, down on Indian Shores.

Fireworks were great where we were as well. Our pics didn't come out as great as yours though. Although that might have something to do with a large consumption of alcohol - not the camera. LOL