22 July 2007

Hooray Pots

This weekend is the big Art for the Garden sale at St. Pete Clay. I went over there on Friday to trim up a few new pots, and set my shelves up all pretty-like so people might actually buy some of my stuff. Sales haven't been going that great for me lately and it's too expensive to keep my membership up if I'm going to be working only part time. Here's hoping the sale went well yesterday and when Smittygirl and I head over there later today there are tumbleweeds blowing across my shelves...

Anyway, here's the first selection.

You've seen many of these before in other pottery posts. The pickle jar at the front right is new, although believe it or not I made it about the same time as the one I've been making pickles in for the last two years. Took a long time to get it fired. The pitcher on the far left is one of the first things I made; it's been on the shelves too long so I put it up on the top in plain view and priced it down. Here's hoping, right? The jug in the center is beautiful and I'm not pricing that down; if folks around here can't appreciate 1 gallon jugs then I'll take it home myself.

Second shelf. Lots of stuff here. Of course you'll recognize the cockroach traps in the front. I'm a big fan of the two half-pink jars over on the right. In front of them is a tiny little jug I made ages ago and decided to put on the shelves and see if it sold. It's five dollars. It's cute, for five dollars. Ah, but there are two new things on this shelf, too, behind the cockroach traps: two bottles. One is sort of a genie bottle. I had a lot of fun making that. Then a more standard bottle-shape is beside it. I really like both of these and was sure to take a few extra pictures of them by themselves.

And here's the third shelf. I didn't use the bottom shelf this time, since it's so hard to see things down there. I crammed all these guys on the third shelf right up near the front so people could see them. A lot of these are old, as in "from college." Which I don't like to think of as old but, you know, I didn't get carded for the wine I bought yesterday, either (though I did on Thursday). Savvy observers may note that there are no pots here glazed with RF Blue, but there are two with Oh My God Yellow.

And here's the fourth shelf, which is actually next to the second shelf. These are some of the nicer things; that jug on the right has about the nicest shape of any jug I've made, though it's a bit small (less than a half gallon). The bowl on the left is nice--very nice, in fact I was surprised by it when I was cleaning the shelves Friday. It had been on the bottom and collected a lot of dust. Perhaps I was hoping it wouldn't sell so I could keep it... The two jars in the center are also some of my favorites.

I just hope some of it sells. It's not that I don't want to keep my membership at the studio, because I very much do. But the cost is just far too high given the impending financial restrictions I'm about to face. I think I'll have time to get to the studio more frequently when I'm in law school, because, let's face it, I'll need a little time to use my hands for something and I'll already be over in St. Pete a lot anyway. But there's the second problem, which is, if the stuff that's already on the shelves doesn't go away, there's no room for anything else anyway. What am I supposed to do then? I already have a shelf completely full of unglazed pottery awaiting... well, awaiting me to get over there and glaze it, but awaiting shelf-space, too. As it is I barely have room for the things that are there.

Here. Here's my shelf of new stuff:

See? It's nice! Like the martini shaker in the back center, or the flower vase on the right. It needs to go on the shelves, too.

Call your friends and tell them to go shopping at St. Pete Clay.

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