16 February 2007

A Post


On the same day recently I experienced the following three things:

1. A Republican politician claimed that if a Democrat took the White House in 2008 in would "be a victory for the terrorists." I don't recall which politician, and it hardly matters as the notion of Democratic victories being victories for the terrorists is so overused and absurd it has warranted its own Wikipedia article.

2. I read a quote by Salman Rushdie--no stranger to fundamentalist terrorism--as follows:
The only way to stop terrorism is to say, "I'm not scared of you."

3. I watched "V for Vendetta."

Can you put these three things together? It gave me food for thought, but lately I haven't wanted to... um... do anything. Including post to the blog. But I'm going to start doing so again anyway because otherwise I'm not going to get better. I'm also going back to the pottery studio. There will be pictures!

1 comment:

Lucky Bob said...

So you experienced two things on the same day and wrote about three. Did someone relate the third experience to you, or did it merely occur on another day? Just kidding. Come to think of it I might have to watch V as well. Right now I'm gonna drink something and then go to the grocery store. Good to have you back.