27 February 2007

The KFC Cure

Time for a little news of the weird. Occasionally a genuine fruitcake arises in world leadership, who basis his leadership not on actual results but on magic and sorcery. The tiny west African nation of Gambia has elected just such a fruitcake.

President Yahya Jammeh has announced that he can cure diseases. Specifically, asthma and AIDS (they’re quite similar apparently).

How does he cure AIDS? It’s a three-day course of secret herbs and spices, taken orally and applied to the skin. Call it the KFC cure.

Apparently after the treatment some patients have “gained weight” and “shown improvement.” Also, during the treatment some patients “can be going to the toilet every five minutes.” I suppose we shouldn’t be skeptical… but then again, I really think we should.


Lucky Bob said...

The AIDS situation in Africa is getting so desperate, but this is just something else. Is their any word on him being good at anything else? Maybe he was elected for his stance on education and water reform. If not, and he turns out to be full of poopie, then he may need to fear for his life. Some people will take a very dim view of being duped.

The Former Lepidopterist said...

Do you think perhaps they are doing this for cannibalistic reasons?
Just a thought...