16 November 2006


I just learned something cool! Burning Man 2007 is going to feature (well, not really, but it will occur during) a total lunar eclipse! On Tuesday night! At 0308 (technically Wednesday morning)! How cool is that? Clearly I have to go now.

Also readers of mine who don't read up on fellow Elm Street blogs owe it to themselves to drop over to Lucky Bob's place and read his recent post about Our Place. Good food for thought, and we can all use some good food now and then.


Lucky Bob said...

Oh man. Talk about bringing all the loonies out. Ha ha. I wish I could go, but looking at house payments makes it hard to imagine being able to.

You know I haven't read that post since I made it. I was rather tipsy when I wrote it too. Maybe I should go back and make sure I didn't incriminate myself.

Oh and I love Firefox 2.0, simply because it spell checks all the stuff you type in these boxes.

smittygirl said...

Aww, man! I can't believe I'm going to miss that!!! I haven't seen an eclipse in years...