13 June 2006

Amusing Music

I've been putting together a wish list of CDs on Amazon.com. All the trance and other electronica I own I've listened to about a thousand times, so I need some new stuff. Loath as I am to pay regular money to record companies for CDs, I want the music more. Sadly, even DJs who don't need a major label to get their records produced end up working with studios that are in turn owned by some major record company or othere. Today's CD ultimately owes its existence to Warner Music. Bastards.

Anyway, while putting together the wish list I accidentally clicked the "one click purchase" button instead of the "add to cart" button on Amazon, so today I got a CD in the mail I hadn't been expecting. I'm enjoying this a great deal. I'm also amused by some of the liner notes. For example, track four on CD two: "Acoustic guitar and overtone chanting recorded & played by BT in a tunnel by his house (in the middle of the woods)."
Track two on CD one: "Attention train spotters: Yes, that's a 303 (through a Roland modulator and enough guitar pedals to confuse a quantum physicist)."
Track eight on CD one: "Inspired by Kurosh's tape on a 1 am drive from Dominique's house. Recorded & mixed in the buff in five hours that night by Brian Transeau."

It may not be much but since most electronic music CDs have no liner notes apart from ads for other CDs, I was amused. The CD is ima, by BT.


Ayzair said...

Where, oh where has our Smitty gone? Oh where, oh where can he be? I'm going into blog withdrawl!

Tina said...

I'm a silent reader to your blog. However, it seemed like too much of a coincidence when you said you were looking for CD's - a friend of mine has a daughter (7) who has brain cancer. Her entire family is into barbershop. My friend's brother is in a quartet who just cut a CD for kids - don't know if you have any - but this CD is a great deal if you do, regardless of your like or dislike of barbershop. Check out the MP3s of the songs at: https://ss63.shared.server-system.net/~maxquartet.com/store/products/forthechildren#preview
Their website is www.maxquartet.com . I sound like a commercial, I know - and for that I apologize. The CD was dedicated to my friend's daughter and 20% of each sale goes directly to St. Judes. Take a listen... see if you like. And - again - sorry for sounding like a commercial. I'll go back to my lurking mode now. :o)