07 October 2005

Harriet Miers: The Best Person Anywhere In America For The Supreme Court

For those who have difficulty with sarcasm, the title of this post is a good example.

The Harriet Miers nomination is looking more and more like a play by Bush to see how far he can take the idea of presidential privilege. Here’s a nominee with no record, scant qualifications, and oh by the way I’m not going to let you see anything she’s done in the last six years, since I have executive privilege. So there. He acts like a pre-schooler who finally gets to take home the class gerbil; now he thinks it’s his gerbil, so he thinks he can make up any rules he wants before you can see it.

I just posted that Congress has accepted its constitutional duty to set limits on detainment and interrogation of combatants. Now we get to see if they take the job of "advice and consent" seriously, or if they knuckle under to the White House yet again and let Bush's cronyism go unchallenged.

Here are three things worth reading. This blog post from ACS Blog notes that the White House has announced it will not give up any of Miers' papers from the last six years (executive privilege). And then there's this New York Times article that says about the same thing, but it's the Times, for those who prefer MSM to blogs. And finally here is Charles Krauthammer's column, which is pretty much the first statement by a prominent conservatie that blatantly and openly says "withdraw this nomination."

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