04 January 2008

The well is dry

My prediction yesterday regarding the caucuses was in fact entirely correct, except in reverse order. Edwards could have survived a second place finish with Clinton in first, but I doubt sincerely he can survive the finish he had--especially given the closeness to Clinton. Perhaps if he was five or six points up on her and closer to Obama, then maybe. But he'll stick around through the 5th. If he hasn't embarrassed himself before the 29th of this month perhaps I'll actually go vote for the man.
Thompson finished stronger than I had anticipated, in fact stronger than I think he had anticipated. But he's not long for the race, and I frankly don't think he ever really wanted to do it all that much. Can't blame him. Ron Paul managed 10%, which is good and, if you think about it, if Ron Paul could get 10% in a general election that would be enough to swing the election. I really think he's doing his fans a great disservice if he doesn't run as an indy or something.

All of the foregoing aside, I would like to remark again upon the absolute ridiculousness of the fact that 225,000 people in a rural state have as much power to decide who will be on the November ticket as they do. Frankly Iowa and New Hampshire should give up their electoral college votes. They can have the primaries, and let the rest of us decide the final.

On a personal note, I got a class I flight physical today. I have the certificate and everything. Easier than I expected, although I did sit in the waiting room for a full hour after my appointment time. That annoys me. It's like to go to the doctor anymore you have to take half a day from work. And this was true in the AF, too--regardless what time I made an appointment for it was a guaranteed 30 minute wait before the tech would take your vitals, and then you might be sitting in the little exam room for another fifteen or more. Ugh. The airlines don't even overbook that heavily. Anyway, now I get to complete and file my application. Which company should I apply to? All of them? I'm going to go with "all of them."


rick i said...

I am really excited for you! This could be a great opportunity, even if only for the short term.

Rambling Speech said...

sooooooo.....is there friends/family deals available for certain airlines? I vote that you go for the ones with the best benefits for your friends..... ;-)

Good luck! Sounds like an interesting new job maybe heading your way.